Chicago: Village Creamery

My flight to California is at 6:10am and the first bus that'll take me to the airport leaves at 4:13.  I've given up on getting any sleep tonight (morning?), so for the sake of entertaining myself until it's time to hit the road, I've decided to add another post.

Forgive me if it's not the most coherent of posts.  I'm the type that needs to be in bed by 11:00 at night, so my brain isn't exactly functioning at the moment.

We managed to squeeze in an hour and a half of studying in downtown Evanston last Friday before we got distracted by Target, H Mart, and Village Creamery:

CK had been telling me about avocado ice cream for a while now, so I was very excited when I found out that we could stop by Village Creamery on our way home.

Just walking in through the front door brought me much happiness:

I knew I wanted the avocado, but that didn't stop me from trying a few other flavors.  The maiz one was pretty interesting.  I was too scared to try the queso:

I got a scoop of the avocado as planned:

To be honest, it didn't taste like avocado to me.  It had more of a milk flavor than anything else.  I was a tad disappointed, but the ice cream was still pretty good.

Village Creamery reminded me a lot of Mitchell's in San Francisco with all of its exotic fruit flavors.  Mitchell's also has an avocado ice cream (only in the fall), but I've never been able to try it.  Hopefully it'll still be there this month.  My fingers are definitely crossed...

Village Creamery
8000 N Waukegan Rd
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 965-9805


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