Baltimore: Lumbini Restaurant

I realize that I've been rather MIA recently.  Impending death via finals are to blame.  Okay, so maybe I'm spending more time trying to avoid studying that actually studying, but the root cause remains the same.  All this is to warn my faithful readers (all ten of you) not to expect many posts in the next two weeks as 1) studying will be taking up my life (theoretically) and 2) I don't foresee many restaurant forays in the near future (see reason 1).

Luckily, I do have a few meager posts stored up from my Thanksgiving trip to Baltimore.  I peaced out of Chicago as soon as I could to spend the weekend with my sister at Hopkins.  She re-introduced me to the horrors of dorm life and also to Lumbini's lunch buffet:

We decided early on that my first meal in Baltimore was to be an Indian buffet.  The question was which one (apparently there are a few in Baltimore). A quick Yelp search revealed that Lumbini has both goat and fish curry, which effectively sealed the deal.

For $9.99, we were provided with this beautiful spread:

Naan, various curries, rice...all the usual good stuff:

And also the most perfectly sweetened chai:

As well as an array of desserts:

All in all, plenty of options and decent fare for a reasonable price.  The absolute perfect way to kick start my stay in Baltimore and on top of that, a much appreciated energy boost to get through the Thanksgiving grocery shopping my sister and I were in for later that day.

Lumbini Restaurant
322 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 244-5556


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