Chicago: Three Aces

The night we finished our last final, CK, The Stacker, and I went out to Three Aces to celebrate:

We'd paid for street parking before we realized that Three Aces has its own parking lot.  Dammit.

The place was pretty empty, but it was a Monday night after all and finals week to boot:

We started off with some duck fat chips with fennel pollen:

And some tomato jam bruschetta:

The chips had a strangely Asian flavor.  It took us a while to figure out that was due to the fennel pollen.  I never knew fennel pollen tasted like star anise.  None of us were fans of the tomato jam.  I can't describe it, but there was just it.

Monday nights at Three Aces mean half off all pizzettas, so we went a little crazy.  We got the short rib pizzetta:

It came with mushrooms, rosemary, blue cheese, roasted garlic cream sauce, and beef jus.

We also ordered the farm egg, which also included aged cheddar, house made bacon, scallion, turnip, and tomato sauce:

Last but not least, we got the margherita:

Calling them pizzettas was deceptive.  We thought they would be on the small side, but they turned out to be rather filling.  Of all the pizzettas, I think my favorite might have been the short rib, blue cheese and all.  Anyone who knows me knows that I detest blue cheese.  But I was surprisingly okay with it on this pizzetta.

I'm officially on winter break now and while I would usually be over the moon about being home, I'm sick.  Which sucks.  I don't have much of an appetite.  Which sucks more.  Ugh.

Three Aces
1321 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 243-1577


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