Chicago: Frontera Fresco

I had the choice between working on my paper or blogging.  Um...easiest decision ever?  Though probably not the right one.

The day before I left for California, CK and I headed into the suburbs again for some Christmas shopping at Old Orchard Mall.  Our first stop was Frontera Fresco for some lunch:

Frontera Fresco is the most affordable option of Rick Bayless' establishments.  Think gourmet fast food:

We started with a cup of mango lime agua fresca.  CK's tip was to buy one and then ask for a cup of ice and a cup of water on the side.  The agua fresca is so strong that you can make two drinks out of one:

Loved it.

We split the cochinita pibil torta ($7.95):

CK loves the cochinita pibil at Frontera Fresco and I can see why.  Something about how the roasted pulled pork with garlic achiote, black beans, pickled red onion, and avocado all comes together is simply magical.  The bread was super crunchy and perfectly designed to soak up all the yummy juices.  The torta came with a side of habenero hot sauce, which I left alone, but CK loved.

We also got a bowl of roasted corn and poblano chowder ($3.95):

And a grilled steak taco with grilled red onion, chihuahua cheese, avocado, and lime ($3.75):

So maybe Frontera Fresco isn't exactly the cheapest taqueria in town, but hey, the food is legit.  Everything was so well executed and so damn delicious that I easily forgot that I just spent almost four bucks on a single taco.  Though you get the same type of fare at both, you really can't compare Frontera Fresco to a place like Guanajuato.  The two are as different as night from day.

Shopping may not be my favorite activity, but if every mall came with a Frontera Fresco, I would be much more open to spending time at one.

Frontera Fresco
175 Old Orchard Rd
Skokie, IL 60077


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