Chicago: Big & Littles

CK and I were planning on having an uber productive weekend, but we should have known better.  All those grand and lofty plans of getting a massive amount of studying done crumbled pitifully when Saturday passed by and neither of us accomplished much of anything.

After acknowledging that Saturday was a lost cause, we committed ourselves to buckling down and unleashing our inner study beasts Sunday morning.  To give ourselves some incentive, we decided our reward would be a nice brunch.

We didn't actually finish in time for brunch, but we did manage to get out for a late lunch at Big & Littles:

Despite it being 2:30 in the afternoon, the place was packed:

When we placed our order at the counter, we were told that the wait would be 20 minutes.  It was actually way longer than that.  Way longer.  People who came before us were getting really irritated and I would be pretty surprised if the staff in the open kitchen couldn't feel the pressure from all the eyes trained on their every move.

I don't know why it took so long to prepare the food.  Perhaps there wasn't enough staff on hand or maybe we just went on a particularly busy day.  Whatever the reason, on top of the long wait, the food didn't come all at once.  People had to make multiple trips back to the counter to pick up their food.  On the upside, everything came out freshly fried and HOT.

We got an order of fish and chips ($15):

A samurai whitefish taco at the recommendation of the girl behind the counter ($4.75):

And an oyster poboy ($16):

While the food was indeed quite delicious, I was a bit shocked by the steep prices.  Just those three things cost us a whopping $39.59.  Really?  The oyster poboy itself was almost double the price of the one at Fish Bar, which in my opinion is still the best oyster poboy I've ever had the pleasure of stuffing in my mouth.  Big & Littles is a cash only establishment too, so pad your wallets accordingly if you decide to make the trip.

Sorry, Big & Littles, while the food is great, it just isn't enough to justify both the wait and the money.  Especially not with cheaper and equally delicious options like Lawrence's Fisheries around town.

Big & Littles
860 N Orleans St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 943-0000


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