Chicago: Burger Point

It took some bullying, but I finally got the crew (CK, Goddess C, and The Stacker) together for Burger Bonding - November 2011 (yes, our monthly burger tradition now has a name).  Success!  That's two months of burger bonding in a row and I, for one, am quite proud.  Now if only we can keep it up...

November's Burger Bonding location was Burger Point, a new burger joint in town:

The place was pretty empty when we arrived (it quickly filled up later), but that was fine with us as it allowed us time to chat it up with the guy behind the counter:

He was incredibly friendly and very helpful with recommendations.  He told us that everything is made in-house and that they don't even have a freezer on site.

CK and I decided to split two burgers and some fries.  CK chose The Dirty South, which included 5-year aged cheddar, smoked bacon, and a pretzel bun, all smothered by this awesome bbq sauce:

She made it into a combo and upgraded the fries from a small to a large.

After hearing that it was like an upgraded Big Mac (which is a guilty pleasure of mine), I had to go with the Ashman:

American cheese, "special" sauce, lettuce, diced pickles, diced onions, and two meat patties tucked in a potato roll.  All the makings of a Big Mac but SO MUCH BETTER.

To try something new, I asked for a small side of sweet potato fries with sea salt instead of regular fries in my combo:

It came with a little container of honey mustard.  While the honey mustard was good, the fries really didn't require any dressing.  For the first time in my life, I actually preferred sweet potato fries over regular fries.  Egads!  I blame the hint of ginger in the sweet potato fries.  Everyone knows that I'm a sucker for ginger.

Ever the spicy food fiend, Goddess C ordered the Burger Point Burger since it included roasted chile peppers on top of the fried egg, smoked bacon, pepperjack, and pretzel roll:

According to her, it still didn't have the kick she was hoping for.  Guh.

The Stacker went with the New American Classic, which consisted of a fried egg, avocado, smoked bacon, american cheese, wasabi mayo, and a pretzel roll:

He also got some buffalo wings to share:

I am not a fan of buffalo anything because I'm a wuss and it burns my lips.  Laugh all you want.  It hurts.

You can choose to design your own burger, but for lazy peeps like us, getting the specialty ones ($8.25 each) is much easier.  Burger Point was a hit with all of us, though we all agreed that we would love it more if the prices were a bit lower.

Hooray for the revival of Burger Bonding!  Next month looks kinda iffy, with finals coming up and winter break following immediately after, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Burger Bonding will survive if it's the last thing I do!!

Burger Point
1900 S State St
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 842-1900


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