South Bay: Sue's Gallery Cafe

Back in June, CL told us about an Indonesian restaurant she'd found and wanted to try out.  A bunch of us agreed to meet there for lunch. 

Since the restaurant was located in Saratoga, my sister and I took advantage and went on a short hike that morning in Castle Rock State Park nearby.  We finished earlier than expected, so we killed time at Sue's Gallery Café:

The entire front of the café was open, giving it an airy feel with lots of natural light:

There was plenty of space to have a quiet conversation with friends or get your study on.  You could sit inside, sit outside, or even find your way upstairs.

I'm not a coffee drinker, so I focused on the tea offerings.  The yuzu sounded most appealing to me.  A glass of it iced cost $3.90:

I regretted my choice immediately upon taking a sip.  I could buy a whole jar of yujacha (Korean yuzu tea) in syrup form at any Asian grocery store for slightly more than the price of that glass...and make a hundred such glasses.

I am sorry, Chinese ancestors.  I have brought shame upon our family by ordering this drink.  I will atone.

My sister, on the other hand, enjoyed her latte ($5.50 for a large) with her cute little latte art: 

Even though I knew we would be having lunch soon, I couldn't help but add on a butter brioche bun ($3.50) because look at it!  It's so bee-yoo-tiful!  While the bread itself was super soft and buttery, the salt crystals added a nice flavor and texture contrast.

Sue's Gallery Café is an expert at ambiance.  It certainly has the artsy feel down pat.  All the pottery from the cups to the bowls are handmade by Sue herself.  (You can even buy her ceramic work in the gallery corner of the café.)  All the pastries are super cute and hey, latte art!

It's not the cheapest place for a cup of joe, but if you have a couple extra dollars to burn and some time to spare, it's a great place to sit, sip, nibble, and look hipster-y amongst all the succulents. 

Sue's Gallery Café
14665 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070
(408) 202-8079


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