San Francisco: E Tea

Pearl tea is our go-to dessert after dinner.  After Volcano, my sister and I walked down the street to see what we could find.  Sharetea was an option, but as it has dropped in our pearl tea of the Bay Area rankings over the past year, we decided to give its neighbor, E Tea, a chance:

The drinks at E Tea are definitely pricier than most pearl tea joints, but you get your drink in a cute reusable glass bottle.  E Tea was offering free upgrades to "super size" (32 oz) the night we went, so of course we took them up on it.  Unfortunately, the super size doesn't come in a glass bottle:

I ordered the coconut paradise ($4.50), which was essentially a coconut slushie with pineapple and lychee jelly.  My sister got the taro king ($4.50), a thick, taro smoothie with taro chunks and tapioca. 

Between the two, I greatly preferred the taro king.  The coconut paradise was toothachingly sweet.  SO SWEET.  The taro king, on the other hand, was sweet, but didn't cause instant cavities.  I also enjoyed the real taro pieces.

E Tea is by no means cheap, but look at it this way.  For $4.50-$5.25, you get a free glass bottle (or a free upgrade in size) and two toppings in your drink (which usually go for $0.50 each at other places).  Still expensive, yes, but heck, everything is expensive these days.  While I wouldn't go every day...or even once a week on my paltry nonprofit income, I could definitely see myself splurging at E Tea once a month.

...Make that once every two months.

Whatever happened to 99 cent pearl tea?

E Tea
5344 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 668-5344


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