South Bay: Indo Cafe

After hanging out at Sue's Gallery Café for a bit, my sister and I headed over to Indo Café to wait for the rest of the gang.  Once all six of us were accounted for, we went in.

The main entrance is a bit tricky to find as it's not facing the main street.  You have to access it from the back parking lot.  Look for the UPS sign:

The restaurant is super tiny inside.  Our group of six rolled in and just about took over half of the place.  The other half of the restaurant is made up of the kitchen.  Every table (all three of them) in the house has a clear view of all the action.

CL was our resident Indonesian expert, so we let her handle all of the ordering.  She couldn't control her excitement when she saw ice teler ($4) on the menu:

Part drink, part dessert, ice teller includes mixed tropical fruit, avocado, condensed milk, vanilla syrup, and coconut milk. 

We started with risoles ($3 each):

I like to think of it as a piece of fried chicken pot pie.  It's super soft and creamy inside, while crispy fried outside.  The best part of the appetizer was actually the peanut sauce it came with.  Holy moly.  That was some amazingly thick and peanut-y sauce.  I wanted to dip everything in it.  (I basically did.)

In deference to the weaker members of our group, CL got us the non-spicy nasi goreng ($14):

This Indonesian fried rice came with shrimp, scrambled egg, fried chicken, a fried egg, and shrimp chips.  Guess what I dipped the shrimp chips in?

I was a bit less of a fan of the young jackfruit curry (large $12):

The beef rendang (large $14) though?  Amazeballs:

The chicken curry (large $12) wasn't bad either:

You can't have curry without rice ($2):

It was a lot of rice per person, but it disappeared quickly.

As if that wasn't enough, CL also ordered the mie tek tek ($15) or Indonesian fried noodles:

Dining at Indo Café feels like sitting down for a meal at your Indonesian aunt's house (if you're lucky enough to have one).  It's family-run, it's homey, it's casual, it's...slightly on the pricier side. 

It certainly made me feel very nostalgic about my trip to Indonesia back in 2014 and all the cheap, mind-blowing food I had there.  Ah, that was nice. 

A trip back is very much overdue.

Indo Cafe
14443 C Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070
(408) 741-1514


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