Tri-City: Buffalo Wild Wings

I often tell people that my coworkers are like my family away from home.  This is especially true of HA.  Not only is she like a big sister to me, her family and mine get along very well.  Her mother proudly calls my father her Chinese brother and keeps a lookout for potential husbands for my sister and me.  And whenever HA's husband tries a restaurant that he thinks my family would enjoy, he tells HA to invite us out for a meal.

Buffalo Wild Wings is one such example.  HA mentioned to me a while back that her husband wanted to take my family there because he thought it was right up our alley.  I was totally on board and we finally took advantage of the July 4th weekend to schedule a family outing.  After watching "Finding Dory" together, we walked over to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch:

With TV screens blasting sports games everywhere you look, I can tell why HA's sports-crazy husband likes Buffalo Wild Wings so much:

Since it was a nice summer day, we opted to sit outside.  Even outside there were no less than three screens for our viewing pleasure. 

For six adults and one toddler, we ordered one large platter of traditional wings ($23.49) and one large platter of boneless wings ($22.99).  The large platter came with 20 wings and you can choose up to four sauces/seasonings. 

There were a couple weaksauces in our group (including me), so HA's husband was careful to pick some non-spicy options.

Counterclockwise from the bottom, our traditional wings came in bourbon honey mustard, honey bbq, Asian zing (a chili pepper, soy, and ginger sauce), and medium (classic wing sauce):

Each corner was helpfully labeled by a sticker with the flavor written on it.

Clockwise this time from the bottom, our boneless wings came in strawberry sriracha (the seasonal special that was more strawberry than sriracha), Caribbean jerk, hot bbq, and bourbon honey mustard (again for my honey mustard-loving mother):

Also for my mother, we got an order of buffalo cheese fries:

I was worried it wouldn't be enough food for all of us, but it surprisingly turned out to be just enough. 

Buffalo Wild Wings is where you go when you want to munch on finger foods while watching a game or just chilling with friends.  Don't expect anything gourmet.  Will it be the most tender chicken you'll ever have?  No.  Will it clog up your arteries?  Absolutely yes.  But in the most satisfying way possible.  Who doesn't love fried wings?

The service was friendly and efficient when we went, though it was a quiet Sunday afternoon and there were barely any people there.  Wings are half price on Tuesdays, so I can imagine it getting much busier and more hectic then.

I had a great time and I can definitely see myself going back.  Thanks again to HA and her husband for introducing us to Buffalo Wild Wings!

Buffalo Wild Wings
43821 Pacific Commons Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 656-1634


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