South Bay: Meet Fresh

I do not try to hide my obsession with Meet Fresh.  I do not try to hide it at all.  I have been a fan since I was introduced to it in Taiwan and I have continued to be faithful in my love even after Taiwan moved on to its next fad and Meet Fresh faded into semi-obscurity.  I screeched when I first drove by the Meet Fresh in Irvine and when I found out about a branch opening in Cupertino, I nearly wept tears of joy.

Even so, I waited a few weeks after the grand opening before going, hoping that all the initial interest would have died down a bit:

I shouldn't have bothered.  This is what I found on a Saturday at 1:00pm:

In case you're wondering, the Meet Fresh counter is located around the corner from Tea Chansil (the lime green structure with absolutely no line), which it shares a space with:

That's right.  Your eyes do not deceive you.  The line wrapped all the way around the interior of the building.  We waited almost two hours to reach the counter and another half hour or so for our buzzer to go off, letting us know our Meet Fresh signatures ($6.80), cold of course, were ready:

For those of you who don't know what the house signature is, it's grass jelly shaved ice with grass jelly, taro balls, sweet potato balls, and a drizzle of half and half.  It's my FAVORITE.  I don't order anything else.

Was the wait worth it?  I think so, but I'm biased.  I've gone back to Meet Fresh a couple times since then and while the fervor has abated a bit, you still need to wait at least 30 minutes in line even if you go at 10:00pm.

Yes, I did that.

It's a sickness in me.  I love Meet Fresh. 

I love Meet Fresh so much that I'm willing to hand over freakin' $6.80 for a bowl when you can get one in Taiwan for two bucks.  Me!  The biggest cheapskate around!

Meet Fresh
19449 Stevens Creek Blvd, Ste 120
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 863-0277


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