South Bay: Maru Ichi

I remember going to Maru Ichi quite often with my mother as a kid.  My mom is a noodle fanatic, so she's able to sniff out all the noodle places in our vicinity.  For some reason (maybe better options popped up or the noodles weren't as good anymore), we stopped going.

Then one night in October, while trying to think of where to go for dinner with my Ahyi, Maru Ichi came back up and we decided it was about time to check it out again:

I remember having to wait in a massive line to enter the restaurant in the past, but no such line was in sight the night we went:

It's never been a secret that I prefer rice to noodles.  None of the ramen options really tempted me, so I opted to piggyback off my sister's order.  She got the Combo C ($11.48), which allowed her to pick a noodle and a rice bowl.  She went with the nabeyaki udon (for an additional $2):

And I picked the negitoro don (raw fatty tuna and green onion over rice):

The tuna wasn't seasoned at all, so the bowl was rather bland.  And dry.  I ended up dousing it in soy sauce to add some flavor.

Both my mother and my ahyi ordered ramen.  I didn't personally try the ramen, but they seemed rather underwhelmed.

I guess we rediscovered why we stopped going to Maru Ichi.

If you want to give Maru Ichi a try, make sure you bring cash.  They don't take cards.

Maru Ichi
530 Barber Ln
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 434-5991


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