South Bay: Jastea

Before Sharetea opened in San Jose, we went frequently to Jastea:

The parking lot is a nightmare around dinnertime because Kickin' Crab is just a few doors down.  Jastea takes advantage of its captive audience by walking among the mob waiting outside Kickin' Crab with a tray of tea samples.  Smart strategy.

Anyway, we didn't need a free sample to stop by Jastea:

The interior is very simple, as is its menu.  You pick a tea base, add either milk or milk foam, then pick a topping.  There are two sweetness levels: regular and less.  You can also choose if you want your drink cold or hot.

A basic milk tea with pearls will set you back $3.55.  The cups are pretty big though:

My favorite tea is actually not on the menu.  Jastea was offering free samples inside the store one day and we got to try their roasted milk tea.  We haven't turned back since.

All the drinks run sweet at Jastea, so if you're cautious of cavities, go for less sweet.  I usually like my drinks sweet and even I can't handle how Jastea's regular sweetness level.

Jastea gives points through FiveStars.  Nine drinks will get you a free one.

My one issue with Jastea is its logo.  Look at it.  Doesn't it look like Tastea instead of Jastea?

Too bad the name Tastea has already been taken, because it's much wittier than Jastea.  Don't you think?

2671 Cropley Ave
San Jose, CA 95132
(408) 649-6049


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