Chicago: Bang Bang Pie (Revisited)

Our last night in Chicago was spent hanging around Queen G's house.  We invited all the girls over and ordered delivery from Cermitas Puebla, the highlight of which was the chicharron quesadilla.

Let's stop and think about this.  Chicharron.  In a quesadilla.  Where has this genius been all my life?  (In Chicago, apparently.)  I would post about it if I could, but my photos didn't come out so great.  Next time, for sure.

We toyed with the idea of finally making it to Edzo's Tuesday morning before our afternoon flight back home.  But it was rainy and we were lazy, so instead we walked a couple blocks from Queen G's house to Bang Bang Pie:

We weren't the only ones braving the rain:

We bought everything to go to enjoy with Queen G at home.  We got the bacon biscuit ($7):

It came with candied bacon, collard greens, an egg, and hot sauce.

We also got the has biscuit ($6.50):

Looks like a mess, but see if you can make out the roasted brussels sprouts, oyster mushrooms, butternut squash, and egg.

Can't leave Bang Bang Pie with pie, right?  We got the apple cider cream ($5):

The cider custard was very dense, almost flan-like in consistency.  It came in a graham cracker crust and topped with cinnamon sugar.  I don't like the texture of I didn't particularly enjoy this pie.  Especially after my sister commented that it tasted like sneeze.

Umm.  All of a sudden, that's all I could taste.  Sneeze.  Gah.  My sister is the worst.

The chocolate pecan pie ($5), however, was amazing:

Dark chocolate, maple sorgum filling, and pecans, all in a graham cracker crust.

So many biscuits on our last trip to Chicago.  We had biscuits a total of three times in three days.  Sorry Bang Bang, while your biscuits were warm and butter and magical, the biscuit winner is A Taste of Heaven.  Can't beat the pies at Bang Bang though!

A great, big, fat thank you to all of my friends in Chicago who took the time out of their busy schedules to hang with me.  A even bigger and fatter thank you to CK and Queen G who opened their homes to my sister and me.

Chicago, this isn't goodbye!  I'll definitely be back.  I still have unfinished business with Edzo's.

Bang Bang Pie
2051 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 276-8888


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