Chicago: Sulejman's Butcher Shop

While we were finishing up brunch at A Taste of Heaven, we ironed out our plan for the rest of the day.  We decided on doing some shopping, then dropping by CK's sister house to congratulate her on her pregnancy before meeting up with CK's husband for dinner at Edzo's.

My Chinese-ness would not allow me to visit CK's sister without bringing a gift.  My go-to has always been Asian pears, but CK suggested bureks from Sulejman's Butcher Shop instead:

I knew there was a reason why I keep CK around.  She knows where the good stuff is.  Especially when it's off the beaten path.

You wouldn't be able to guess by looking at the decor, but Sulejman's is a Bosnian butcher shop where you can also buy traditional Bosnian goodies.  It is super simple (and by simple, I mean sterile) inside:

There were a lot of sandwiches that sounded amazing, but we wanted a snack, not another meal.  Oh, no.  We had to save stomach space for dinner at Edzo's after all.

CK recommended the meat bureks, but the proprietor told us that they were out.  Crisis was averted when he told us there were still potato bureks left:

I'd never heard of a burek before, much less had one.  It's basically a flaky pastry filled with love.  Love can come in the form of cheese, meat, or in our case, potato:

An order costs $6.50 and will get you four bureks and a tummyful of joy.

Joy.  Who doesn't want joy?

We hung out with CK's sister for a bit, then it was back to CK's house to wait for her husband.  Except there was some kind of miscommunication because CK's husband came back late and we started watching The Mindy Project and...well, we never made it to Edzo's.

We ended up doing a late night Superdawg run instead.

Sulejman's Butcher Shop
5705 W Dempster St
Morton Grove, IL 60053
(773) 420-7812


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