Orlando: Squid Lips

We arrived at my cousin's house Saturday evening to find a home-cooked meal already laid out on the table for us, courtesy of my aunt.  We gorged ourselves that night.  My aunt is a great cook.

The next morning, we made a family excursion to Sebastian Inlet.  As it was Memorial Day weekend, the beach was crammed full of people.  We stayed for a bit before heading to lunch.

My cousin found Squid Lips on Yelp.  We pulled into its parking lot only to find the remains of a charred building at the back of the lot.  For a good two minutes, we were convinced that Squid Lips had burned down with Yelp none the wiser.

Then we looked across the street and there it was:

Whew.  Lunch crisis averted.

The restaurant looked small from the outside, but was quite spacious inside.  We managed to score a table overlooking the water:

The complimentary bread was coconut-y and subtly sweet:

Checking in on Yelp got us free crunchy fish fingers:

The fish was rolled in corn flakes before frying, which added a nice sweet crunch.

I ordered the Abaco fish sandwich ($9.99):

The coconut fried fish filet came topped with mango chutney and smothered with melted swiss cheese.  Fries cost an extra $0.99, so I elected to go with the chips.  I loved my sandwich.  I'm not usually much for sweet things, but this one was perfectly balanced with the savoriness of the cheese and the fish.

My sister went with the fried clam basket ($9.99):

Whereas my mother decided on the crunchy fish BLT wrap ($9.99):

Also good, especially with the cajun mayo.

My father sat at the other end of the table, so I didn't get to take a picture of his entree.  I also refrained from hijacking my uncle's, aunt's, and cousin's meals.  Self control.  I may not have much of it, but it kicks in once in a while.

Besides having a swanky name, Squid Lips serves some pretty solid food.  The prices are reasonable and the service is friendly.

Our experience was a bit soured at the end, but at no fault of Squid Lips.  I thought I was being all ninja when I went to slip the hostess my credit card on a "bathroom run," only to discover that my cousin had already beat me to it.  In fact, he'd already settled the bill before we even WALKED INTO THE RESTAURANT.

Ugh.  I failed my ancestors.

The fact that my cousin and I share the same ancestors is irrelevant.

Squid Lips
1660 Indian River Dr
Sebastian, FL 32958
(772) 589-3828


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