Baltimore: Mekong Delta

Before leaving Baltimore Saturday afternoon, we were able to squeeze in one last meal.  To make it count, my sister took us to Mekong Delta, which is apparently her most favoritest Vietnamese restaurant in the world:

She was so concerned about being able to find street parking that she made us park almost four blocks away.  Silly.

Mekong Delta looks like a residential space converted into a restaurant:

Very homey and not pretentious in the least.

My mom is a spring roll fanatic, so we had to get an order ($3.95):

Instead of the typical creamy peanut sauce, the peanut sauce at Mekong Delta was warm and goopy.  And delicious.

My mother got the pho tai gan ($8.25):

This pho came with slices of rare beef and tendon.  The broth was clean and flavorful, the rice noodles cooked just right.

I went with the grilled beef lemongrass with rice or bun bo nuong ($8.95):

I've always found it difficult to turn away from anything lemongrass.  Definitely lemongrass in this beef dish.  The beef was very fragrant and very subtle in flavor.  The fish sauce added the salty kick it needed.  Lemongrass beef and fish sauce are just sublime with rice.

Both my father and my sister got the hu tieu do bien ($8.95):

This is my sister's absolute favorite.  The seafood noodle soup came with crab meat, scallops, jumbo shrimp, and clear noodles.  Now this was fabulous broth.  Slightly sweet and almost refreshing in its cleanness.  And the seafood!  So fresh.

To round off our meal, we got two glasses of Vietnamese iced coffee:

Now that's some real Vietnamese coffee.  I don't usually drink coffee (I have the taste buds of a toddler), but dude, this was good stuff.

Now that I've been to Mekong Delta, I can totally understand why my sister loves it so much.  I admit, I was skeptical at first.  After all, San Jose is known for being Vietnamese food central.  Baltimore isn't exactly overflowing for Asian restaurants, but this just shows that you don't need lots of options in a city, you just need one good one.

One VERY good one.

Mekong Delta
105 W Saratoga St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 244-8677


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