Baltimore: Lexington Market

The next stop on our Baltimore snacking tour was Lexington Market:

We went there on our very first trip to Baltimore when we helped my sister move into college, but we didn't eat anything then.  Shame on us, right?  It seemed fitting to bookend my sister's undergraduate career with a return trip to Lexington Market and to do it justice this time around.

There's definitely lots to look at inside.  Lexington Market is essentially an open area crammed full with stalls selling everything from perfume to cakes, fresh seafood to fruit.

Our first stop was Park's Fried Chicken:

Where my sister bought a small box of fried gizzards for us:

By the time we gathered all the food we wanted and got around to actually eating it, the fried gizzards had gotten a little stale.  I bet it would have been more delicious if we'd eaten it freshly fried.  As it was, I found that I preferred the fried gizzards from Harold's in Chicago.

Faidley's is what draws the tourists at Lexington Market:

It offers raw and fried seafood, but what everyone goes there for are the crab cakes:

One jumbo lump crab cake is gonna cost you $14.  Kind of ridiculous, right?  But it really is rather worth it.  There's so much crab packed into each ball and each ball is about the size of your fist.  I love how the crab comes in large lumps and not shredded into mush.

To balance out all the fried goodness, my mom made us stop by Matthew's Delly: 

Where we got a medium bowl of mixed fruit:

It was kinda overpriced, but it was greatly appreciated.  It made us all feel slightly less fatty.  Which just makes us delusional, but whatever.

While I wouldn't say that Lexington Market is a must-see if you're visiting Baltimore, it definitely is good to check out if you have some extra time (or if you want to have some damn good crab cakes).  I would especially recommend going when there's live music playing.  It's a lot of fun watching people come together as a community and just enjoy good music.  Seeing them enjoying themselves will make you want to join in and dance.

Lexington Market
400 W Lexington St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 685-6169


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