Baltimore: The Abbey Burger Bistro

I had only one request for our trip to Baltimore: The Abbey Burger Bistro.  My sister delivered and made it the last stop of our food tour.

Tucked into a small alley, The Abbey Burger Bistro is easy to miss:

There was a bit of a wait, so we walked down the street for a couple beers at a Pub Dog.  Well, my dad and my sister had beers.  My mom and I sat and watched.

We got a call when our table was ready:

I was so adamant about going to The Abbey because I wanted myself some of these:

Crab tots.  That's right.  Warm, creamy crab dip on top of crispy tater tots.  Take a bite and weep.  It's that good.

You can choose from one of The Abbey's pre-designed burgers, but if you're adventurous, you should definitely build your own:

We wanted to try some of the more exotic meats, so we purposely picked three that we knew we wouldn't be able to easily find elsewhere.  We got the wild boar, the red deer, and the kangaroo.

I don't remember which burger is which.  To be honest, we weren't sure which one was which when we were actually eating them.

I vaguely remember pairing the kangaroo with the onion ring:

This might be the red deer:

Which would make this the wild boar:


It would be easier to tell them apart if we'd ordered different buns for each.  But no.  We love our pretzel buns.  No regrets there.

I remember we liked all the burgers except for one which we found on the dry side.  We think it might have been the red deer.  But it might have been because we ordered it medium.  My sister had the red deer before, but she ordered it rare and she claims it was juicy and delicious.

Learn from our mistake.  Don't wuss out.  Get your burgers at least medium rare.

Love The Abbey Burger Bistro.  Especially the crab tots.  I would go back a million times just for those.

The Abbey Burger Bistro
1041 Marshall St
Baltimore, MD 21230
(443) 453-9698 


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