Baltimore: Pitango Gelato

After her graduation dinner, my sister led us down the block to Pitango Gelato for dessert:

We got there at the perfect time:

We were able to taste test a couple of flavors without anyone breathing down our neck.  A line formed almost immediately after we placed our order.

My sister doesn't kid around when it comes to gelato.  Instead of ordering a medium or even a large cup like a normal person, she went and got the half kilo ($14.50):

We ate that half kilo sitting right outside Pitango for all to see.

We picked three flavors.  I liked the mojito because it was icy and refreshing.  My father loves all things coconut.  And my sister had been raving about the black tea forever and wanted us to love it as much as she does:

And we did. 

You're going to be tempted by all the flavors, I know.  Everything sounds good at Pitango.  The chocolate hazelnut, the bosch pear, the tangerine, the crema, and even...the rhubarb?  But don't be distracted, you have to get the black tea.  It's AMAZING.  Like earl grey but creamy and smooth and delicious.

And if you have no shame like my sister, order the half kilo.

Pitango Gelato
802 S Broadway
Baltimore, MD 2123 1
(410) 236-0741


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