Orlando: Jeremiah's Italian Ice

A Sonic is located at the intersection leading to my cousin's house in Orlando.  There are no words to describe how excited my mom, my sister, and I were when we spotted it.

You must understand.  Growing up, I watched Sonic commercial after commercial, but never actually saw one in real life.  I didn't actually get to go to one until my senior year of undergrad when a friend took pity on me and took me to a Sonic in SoCal.  Given how rare Sonic sightings are, we get unnecessarily excited when we do find one.

My cousin didn't get it at all.  And how could he?  He walking distance from one basically all his life.  In fact, he worked there back when he was a teen.  So it wasn't any great surprise when he wasn't exactly eager to take us.

Instead of Sonic, my cousin offered us one better.  Jeremiah's Italian Ice:

There are apparently multiple Jeremiah's.  This particular one was a drive through.

We elected to park the car and get out because my sister and I needed time to peruse the extensive menu:

Luckily, there wasn't much a line when we got there, so my sister and I were able to taste test a few flavors.

You can have your Italian ice by itself, but you can also be a boss and order it as a gelati, meaning you get it layered with soft serve ice cream.

My sister got her root beer Italian ice gelati style:

The iciness of the Italian ice makes for an interesting texture contrast with the creaminess of the ice cream.

I was aiming for refreshing so I got my strawberry lemon straight:

For my father, we ordered him a coconut gelati:

And for my mother, a mango gelati:

The small cup may look small, but it's actually quite a lot.  Take your time or risk getting a brain freeze.

While I'm disappointed that we didn't get to go to Sonic, I know in my heart that Jeremiah's is the much better option.  My taste buds agree.

For a town where it's 90 degrees just about from the time you wake up, having Jeremiah's within driving distance is a blessing.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice
1000 Willa Springs Dr
Winter Springs, FL 32708
(407) 388-3788


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