Baltimore: Holy Frijoles!

Things have been slow for me posting-wise because 1) work has been consuming my life recently and 2) my laptop is still being fixed by HP.  Excuses, excuses, I know.

Anyway, after my sister's graduation, we spent a day exploring Baltimore (and packing up all her stuff) before heading to Orlando to visit family.  Our first stop on our Baltimore snacking tour, was Holy Frijoles!:

Our very friendly Lyft driver dropped us off just down the street and we slowly window shopped our way down to the restaurant.

We were the first ones inside:

The first basket of chips and salsa is complimentary:

If you want another, you gotta fork over the cash.

My sister brought us to Holy Frijoles! because she wanted to introduce us to their monster nacho plate.  I felt bad just ordering nachos for four people, so I threw in the carnitas verde enchilada ($13) to appease my conscience:

The two enchiladas were filled with carnitas and topped with salsa verde and cheese.  It came with black beans and corn and rice.  The rice was crap, but the enchiladas and beans weren't bad at all.  The carnitas were slightly sweet and went great with the salsa verde.

We still shouldn't have ordered it though.  Because take a look at the nachos grande ($12):

They aren't joking when they say it's a meal in itself.  A meal for six.

It came loaded with refried beans, black beans, beef, chicken chorizo, grilled veggies, rice, stead, pico de gallo, olives, and sour cream.  The four of us barely made a dent in it. 

Lesson learned.  Never listen to your conscience.  Order what you know you can handle and don't let your mind guilt trip into ordering more.

Don't expect authentic Mexican at Holy Frijoles!  Just expect large plates overloaded with food at decent prices.

Holy Frijoles!
908 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 235-2326


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