Taiwan: Mei Bao Bao Breakfast Shop

Greetings from Thailand!  It's been crazy since our trip to Asia started, but we finally caught a break from all the eating, which gives me time to update this blog.

We were in Taiwan for four days, three of which were mucho rainy thanks to Typhoon Saola.  We started off our second day with breakfast right outside the apartment where we were staying:

Lots of people out and about despite the drizzle:

I was curious about the rice noodle dan bing so I gave it a go:

Instead of the usual crepe, this dan bing was made from rice noodle.  Interesting...especially paired with the fried chicken I accidentally ordered.

CK wanted bacon toast:

While AG tried the full of fortune burger:

Yea.  Don't ask.

The toast turned out to be a big hit with AG.  Not sure exactly why.  We ended up going back to Mei Bao Bao the morning we left Taiwan just so AG could eat another one.

After breakfast, my uncle drove us to the National Palace Museum, where we battled with Mainland tourists to catch a glimpse of the jade cabbage.



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