Boston: The Gallows

Our first night in Boston, we tried to get into Franklin Cafe, but there was a wait and we really wanted to just eat and be done with it.  So with the powers of two smart phones combined, we found our way to The Gallows:

The decor seems charming enough until you look more closely and notice all the snakes gracing the walls and draping over the light fixtures:

Note to all the ladies out there: the women's bathroom has a creepy surprise.  Just so you know.

Both my friend and her fiance are vegetarians, so some help was needed to navigate the menu.  Our server was very patient and even came back to our table to clarify when she found out that a dish she'd previously recommended actually included chicken stock.

We all wanted to try the poutine, so to accommodate all of us, we split the early spring poutine, which is completely veggie:

My sister and I decided to share an appetizer and an entree.  We went with the wild boar meatballs with guinness mushroom gravy and parsnip puree:

And the Irish stew with lamb shoulder and shank, carrots, macombers, spring onions, and mashed potatoes:

I apologize for the dark photos, but I really hate using flash.

I did enjoy the parsnip puree very much together with the gravy and meatballs.  But while everything was decent, nothing was exactly mind-blowing.  Altogether a good end to our first day of spring break.  

The Gallows
1395 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 425-0200


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