SF Peninsula: Apple Fritter

Back when we were in Iceland, CL mentioned that Apple Fritter is one of her favorite restaurants in San Mateo County.  I'm hardly ever out in her neck of the woods (except to visit her, of course), but once I heard that Apple Fritter has an amazing donut burger, I was going to make up an excuse if necessary to go.

Luckily, an excuse arose earlier rather than later.  Under the guise of transferring my Iceland photos to her, my sister and I cajoled CL and DK into taking us to Apple Fritter for brunch (which actually ended up being more of an early lunch) the first Saturday in May.

CL warned us about the long lines on weekends, so we weren't too surprised when we arrived to find one out the door:

The parking lot was super tiny, so we also weren't too surprised when we didn't find a spot.  CL and DK tried to show us their pro tip of parking in the lot of the business complex across the street, but they were foiled at the security guard on duty there.  Instead, we found parking in an ambiguous lot further down the street that might have belonged to a seafood restaurant, but also might have belonged to an office furniture store.  It's still unclear whether we were allowed to park there, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say no.

We got away with it though.  Woot!

Back at Apple Fritter, we had a lot of time to survey the menu and also to drool over the donut display right inside the door:

Apple Fritter is supposedly known for its, well, apple fritter, but we got there too late to snag one.  Not a single one was left.

By the time it was our turn to place our order at the window inside, the brunch crowd had quieted down:

Since it was such a nice day, we opted to side outside.  We placed our number cards (Pokémon!) on our table and sat back to wait:

While we waited for our main entrée to arrive, we snacked on the donuts we'd picked up.  My sister and I got the chocolate old fashioned:

It was...good.  I probably wouldn't dream about it though.

Before we knew it, our burgers were there.  CL got the brunch burger ($11.50):

While fries come with any burger and can be substituted for chips for no additional cost, if you want to make it garlic fries, you need to add $2.

The brunch burger came with a fried egg, hula sauce, mixed greens, bacon, and American cheese.

DK went for the patty melt ($9.75):

It came with grilled sourdough bread, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and house 1000 sauce.  He somehow managed to get an egg on his fries.  Magic.

I wasn't leaving without my donut burger.  The Luther ($9.95) was made simply with a grilled glazed donut bun, American cheese, and bacon:

I added $1.50 to upgrade to tater tots.

I had a really sad donut burger experience once before at Straw where the donut WASN'T EVEN GLAZED.  What's the point of a donut burger if the donut isn't even sweet?  Boo.

The donut burger at Apple Fritter was everything that I could have imagined.  Flipping the donut inside out was genius.  Straight genius.  It keeps the glaze from burning on the grill and your fingers from getting sticky.  Sweet and savory, sugary and greasy...I loved that burger with a fiery passion.  I only ate a fourth of the burger since we shared all of them, but I could definitely see myself scarfing one down on my own.

My sister ordered the Wild Thang ($10):

It was topped with an onion ring, pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and barbecue sauce.  Deerty Cajun fries cost an extra $1.

Of all the burgers, the Luther was my favorite.  Hands down.  It made my day.  And my evening.  The whole weekend, really.

I would love to go back to Apple Fritter.  I haven't even managed to scratch the surface of the extensive menu yet.  There's the apple fritter, of course.  And the milkshakes.  And the non-burger entrees...there's still so much to eat!

Thank you, CL, for the recommendation and for letting us finagle you into a field trip!  Until our next food adventure!

Apple Fritter
1901 S Norfolk St
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 525-9125


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