San Francisco: Zazang Korean Noodle

The doctors told my sister that she most likely wouldn't have much of an appetite after her surgery.  Of course, she took that as a personal challenge to prove them wrong.  She had to concede and sit out lunch, but after a nap, her stomach was ready to tackle dinner.

My mother and I were the designated food retrievers.  We braved the pouring rain to reach Zazang Korean Noodle: 

The restaurant was pretty quiet, but then again, it was a rainy Thursday night:

We ordered our food to go and brought everything back to my sister's hospital room. My father warned her off the gan poong ki ($15.95) or fried boneless chicken:

But my sister insisted her stomach could handle both the fried chicken and the sweet chili sauce:

We were a bit disappointed to find that the gan poong ki was more batter than chicken.  The sauce, however, was quite good.

Besides the chicken, we also got two orders of jajangmyun or black bean noodles ($8.95).  The noodles were packed separately:

From the giant tub of black bean sauce:

I don't know how much sauce they give when you dine in, but we had enough leftover to take home for round two.  The sauce was a bit on the bland side, but the noodles had great texture.

It's not the best jajangmyun I've ever had, but portions are generous and the price is reasonable.  I would skip the gan poong ki though.  That wasn't worth the 15 bucks at all. 

After dinner, my parents went home, leaving my sister and I to party it up.

...Not really.  Between the 4:00am wake up call and the surgery, we both crashed around 9:00pm.

Zazang Korean Noodle
2340 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94115 
(415) 447-0655


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