San Francisco: B. Patisserie

My sister was discharged from the hospital a lot earlier than expected.  As my parents were still stuck in traffic on their way to the city, my sister and I relocated to B. Patisserie to wait:

There was quite a line, but it went quickly:

Waiting in line meant more time to browse...and to add on to your order:

Just when you think you're past the danger zone, there's more to drool over:

There weren't any tables available inside, so we had to sit outside.  It was cold, much like our ham and cheese croissant ($4.50):

I have a feeling it would have been much tastier had it been fresh out of the oven.  Or at least lukewarm.  Alas, it was kind of stale and uninteresting.  The ham and cheese croissant from Arsicault was infinitely better.

The chocolate banana almond croissant, on the other hand, was quite delightful ($4):

I typically tend to avoid almond or banana things, but I figured we should get one because it's supposedly one of B. Patisserie's most popular items.  Definitely the right thing to do.  One bite and I was in the gooey banana-y center.

We originally only ordered a plain kouign amann ($4.25), but it was so delicious that we went back inside and ordered two more, one plain and one chocolate ($4.75) for our parents:

The kouign amann at B. Patisserie is less crackly than the one from Arsicault, but I prefer it that way.  I like how it's not super sweet and how it's pleasantly flaky. 

Arsicault and B. Patisserie get compared a lot.  I've only visited a grand total of once each, but based on my amateur observations, while B Patisserie has much, much more options, Arsicault executes its limited menu extremely well.  For croissants, go to Arsicault, but for kouign amann, B. Patisserie is the way to go.  Both are not cheap.

I am happy to report that my sister is recovering very nicely.  The first couple days after the surgery were tough on her, but now she's back to hitting up buffets and cracking jokes.  All is right in the world.

At least all's right in the world that is my family.  The outside world is one big hot mess. 

Damn you, 2016.

B. Patisserie
2821 California St
San Francisco, CA 94115 
(415) 440-1700


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