San Francisco: Cheese Steak Shop

My sister's surgery went very well, but a minor complication meant that she had to stay in the hospital overnight instead of getting in and out the same day as she'd hoped.  Once she was settled into her hospital room, my mother and I went out to forage for a late lunch, leaving my father behind to deal with my heavily drugged and thus hilariously weepy sister.

It was raining really hard, so we stuck close to the hospital.  Because of said rain, I couldn't snap a photo of the exterior of the Cheese Steak Shop until the next morning:

It was a bit grungy on the inside, but that's okay:

Sides are important, so we made sure to get a large order of spiral fries ($2.89):

And a small order of onion rings ($2.99):

The nurse advised my sister to take it easy on her stomach for a while, so the rest of us ate our cheese steak sandwiches with relish in front of her.  (We're evil like that.)

The lighting in the hospital room wasn't so great, so the photos of the sandwiches came out kind of meh.  We got three kinds, but they all looked exactly the same from the top:

We had the classic Philly cheese ($5.49), the mushroom and cheese ($5.69), and the spinach and cheese ($5.69).  All came with grilled onions, sweet peppers (which I chose over hot peppers), and melted white American cheese on Italian rolls.  We ordered three small sandwiches instead of trying to split a larger one because it was cheaper that way...and that's priority number one in my family.

The first bite was a bit dry, but I hit the cheese by the second and that was quite lovely. 

Nothing fancy at the Cheese Steak Shop, but that's the beauty of it.  Don't expect to make any small talk at the cash register, but do expect a filling sandwich with a reasonable price tag.  I wouldn't go out of my way to go back, but if I'm ever at Mount Zion again I know where to get a quick meal nearby.

Cheese Steak Shop
1716 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 346-3712


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