San Francisco: Kitchen Kura

My sister mentioned that she'd found a Japanese restaurant in the city that she thought my parents would like, so the first opportunity we got, we took them to Kitchen Kura:

I was running a bit late, so my sister ordered while I was on the way.  My timing turned out to be perfect because the food arrived just as I stepped into the restaurant.

Kitchen Kura offers two entrée combination specials for $14.25.  Each combination comes with fresh salad, miso soup, rice, an appetizer, and green tea:

I don't know if the appetizer changes from time to time, but ours was an eggplant curry with some kind of fried wonton chip:

For the four of us, my sister ordered three combination specials.  You get to choose any two entrees from a list and of course my sister made sure we got our money's worth.  Apparently the sukiyaki is the most bang for your buck, so she picked that as one of the entrees for each combination and then paired it with something different.  For one set, she got the baked salmon (which costs an extra $1):

For another she got the butter shoyu white fish (also an extra $1):

And for the last one she got the Nanban chicken (fried garlic chicken with tartar sauce):

While not exactly mind blowing, the food was good, paired well with rice, and came in super generous portion sizes.  Thank goodness we didn't order a set per person.  We had a hard enough time finishing as it was.

I can see Kitchen Kura as a popular place for students who want a two-in-one deal at a decent price.  One meal to eat at the restaurant, one meal to take home.  There's that much food.

My mother was a fan, but my father was not.  He had no complaints about the food or the service, but as usual, he couldn't stand the smoke coming from the kitchen, which was separated from the dining area by a half wall.  He ended up waiting outside while we settled the bill.

Oh, father.  So sensitive.

Kitchen Kura
1525 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 731-2054


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