Oakland: Powderface

T and I were both stuffed to the brim, but my sister insisted we had enough space for one more stop.  We didn't think so, but we followed her anyway to Powderface:

While my sister went to the counter to place her order, T and I sat hunched in pain at one of the little tables:

We cried silent tears when my sister brought back a box of beignets (3 for $4.95):

We could only stare in awe as my sister scarfed one down.  Awe shifted into horror when she calmly devoured a second (T and I insisted on sharing one).

I honestly don't remember if the beignet was good or not.  I just remember thinking that it was a whole lot of dough that I didn't need in my stomach.  To be fair to Powderface, I really should go back again when I have the stomach space for it.

We chilled at Powderface for a while...just long enough for T and I to have digested and created sufficient space for tacos from Taqueria Sinaloa, which ended up being the true final, final stop of our Fruitvale food tour.

We're disgusting, I know.

3411 East 12th St
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 536-3223


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