Oakland: Kefa Coffee

While I was housesitting, my sister came to stay with me for a weekend.  I planned a whole weekend filled with food.  Glorious, glorious food.  The first place we checked out bright and early Saturday morning was Kefa Coffee, located just around the corner from where I was staying: 

Kefa Coffee was very much a neighborhood haunt.  The staff were greeting people by name and getting them their "usual" without having to ask:

That's always been a dream of mine.  To be a regular somewhere and to have a "usual".  The problem is that I don't regularly eat out and when I do, I always want to try new places or at least different things on the menu.  Sigh.  One day.

Anyway, the reason why we went to Kefa Coffee was this, to have the world's most Instagram-able breakfast sandwich.  I mean, really:

How lovely is that?  No filter necessary.

Brian's breakfast sandwich is not cheap at $9.95, but it's loaded with avocado, bacon, and spinach omelette.  I don't usually prefer English muffins, but I can't imagine this sandwich made with anything else.  The bacon is a bit too salty, but that's nothing a cup of coffee or a glass of juice can't rectify.

Man.  I still can't get over that huge chunk of avocado.

Not the easiest sandwich to fit your mouth around, but so, so, so good.  Hats off to you, Kefa Coffee.  That is one gorgeous sandwich.

Kefa Coffee
422 29th Ave
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 261-3400


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