Oakand: Itani Ramen

Once VN arrived, we moved the party across the street from Camber to Itani Ramen, which had just opened fairly recently:

The restaurant was pretty empty at first.  Or at least it seemed so since most of the tables near the front were unoccupied:

We soon learned why the hard way when we sat down after placing our order only to be immediately blinded by the sun.  Thankfully the staff noticed and someone went to go close the blinds.

We each got our own ramen, but VN also ordered a side of crispy pig ears ($6):

It sounded delicious, but didn't quite meet expectations.  Instead of being crispy, they were just kinda...hard.

I got the shoyu spring ramen ($12):

The soy chicken broth came with ground chicken, yu choy, bamboo shoots, and green onion.  I figured what the hell and threw in a soft-boiled egg for an extra $1.50.

The egg was good, but the ramen was just meh.  The soup base wasn't particularly flavorful, just salty.  Overall, there are much better ramen joints in the Bay.  And I can think of a bunch of other places where I would rather spend 13.50 bucks.

Itani Ramen
1736 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 788-7489


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