Alameda: Speisekammer

T came up to join my sister and I for our housesitting weekend adventure Saturday evening.  Since Alameda was just a bridge away, we decided to walk and explore for a bit.  We started off with dinner at Speisekammer:

We didn't have any reservations, but luckily there were tables open outside and the weather was pretty mild.

We got our complimentary basket of bread:

We enjoyed them with herbed butter and two different kinds of mustard:

We weren't super hungry (which is what happens when you go to a food festival before dinner).  Thankfully, Speisekammer offers half orders.  We got a half order of gegrillte bratwurst or grilled pork sausage ($9):

While the full order ($14.50) comes with two sausages, the half order only comes with one.  Which was more than enough for us.  It came with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

Our server recommended the sauerbraten, so we got a half order of that as well ($14.50):

The braised beef tri-tip came marinated in red wine and was served with red cabbage and spätzle.

To round out the meal, we got some reibekuchen or potato pancakes, half order, of course ($5.50):

You can never go wrong with potatoes.  They're always delicious.  Unless they're burnt.  But even then you can just cut off the burnt-y parts and it would still be good.

Speisekammer is a great, causal place to eat and chat with friends.  The food is good, the atmosphere is chill, and the service is attentive.  Portion sizes are generous so you can pay less for a half order and still be full at the end. 

I thoroughly enjoyed dinner there, though I'm not sure T would say the same.  Her allergies were so bad (thanks to the cat that came with the house I was housesitting at) that I wouldn't be surprised if she couldn't taste any of the food.  The poor thing was a miserable, sniffling mess.


It was kind of funny though.

2424 Lincoln Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 522-1300


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