Oakland: Fruitvale Public Market

Even though we were stuffed with birria and pupusas, we powered through and made our way to the Fruitvale Public Market.  We made a beeline for the churro stand:

A churro costs $2 and you can choose what you want to fill it with.  We went with chocolate and vanilla:

Personally, I prefer the vanilla.  It's a bit less sweet and the creamy texture contrasts better with the crunchy exterior.

Right inside the market is Nieves Cinco de Mayo:

You can find all sorts of interesting ice cream flavors there, such as corn and curdled milk.  (Curdled milk?!)  We weren't there for the ice cream though.  We were there for the mangonada ($8 for a large): 

This was my first time trying mangonada.  I definitely expected the mango chunks, the scoop of mango sorbet, and the mango flavored ice.  What I didn't expect was the chamoy sauce, which was salty, sweet, and sour, all at the same time.  The tamarind-y flavor was a bit too much for me, so I stuck mostly to the mango bits.

The Fruitvale Public Market may be small, but just the churros and Nieves Cinco de Mayo alone make a trip oh-so worthwhile.

Churros Mexicanos
3340 E 12th St, Ste 17
Oakland, CA 94601

Nieves Cinco de Mayo
3340 E 12th St, Ste 2
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 533-6296


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