Oakland: Los Cocos

Stop two on our Fruitvale food tour after El Potrillo was Los Cocos:

We took our sweet time walking there because we were still struggling to digest all the birria we had for breakfast.  Before we were entirely ready, we were inside:

We started out with a glass of horchata ($2.25):

And because we're gluttons for punishment, we also ordered a plate of plantanos fritos or fried plantains ($3.75):

The real reason why we were at Los Cocos was the pupusas.  Tortilla pockets packed with cheese and other goodies?  Woo, baby!

The menu said the minimum order for pupusas was two.  We though we would be safe ordering three to share between the three of us.  But when we placed our order with our server, we found out that the minimum is actually per person.  PER PERSON.  If you get less than the minimum, you have to pay an additional fee per pupusa.  Just the thought of eating six pupusas was daunting.  Almost too daunting.  And then it occurred to us to ask how much the additional fee was.

50 cents.


Well then.  Three pupusas it was.

We ordered the pupusa with cheese and vine flower ($2.70): 

Can't really see the filling, but here is the obligatory cross section photo anyway:

For our second pupusa, we went with the cheese and squash ($2.70):

Yet another cross section shot:

And finally, a chicharron, cheese, and beans ($2.70):

The last cross section:

Gotta top every bite with curtido or fermented cabbage slaw for that tangy kick:

So simple, yet so delicious.  And freshly made!  The pupusas at Los Cocos are made to order.  You can watch all the magic happen in the open kitchen at the back of the restaurant. 

Don't expect any fancy trimmings.  Bring cash.  And most importantly, bring your appetite.  Don't make the mistake we made.  Go there ready to meet your two pupusa minimum. 

Heck, why limit yourself?  Be an overachiever and get four!

Los Cocos
1449 Fruitvale Ave
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 992-4768


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