Tri-City: Chutney

Happy New Year everyone!  I can't believe it's already 2015 when I still have so much from 2014 left to post about.  Argh.  But I guess that's not a surprise to anyone.

I've just decided.  My 2015 resolution is to get caught up on all my posts.  And since new year resolutions are all about being optimistic (though not always realistic), I'm going to add lose 20 pounds as well.


Anyway, as a good faith effort to accomplish my first resolution (and proof that I probably won't succeed at my second one), I bring you Chutney:

I first went to Chutney with my coworker during lunch when I was working out of our Fremont office one day.  I bought a wrap to go and didn't get the full Chutney experience until my family and a bunch of my colleagues went there after a Saturday work event.

We actually meant to go to Shalimar, but it was an awkward time between lunch and dinner and Shalimar unfortunately wasn't open.  Undeterred, my coworker HA led us a block down to Chutney.

I was much more impressed my second time around that my sister and I met up there after work one day for dinner a couple months later.

Don't expect to be led to a table or given a menu:

Just head straight to the counter, place your order, get your number, stake out a table, and then head right back to the counter for your table settings and complimentary chai.

While the chai is great, if you check in on Yelp, you can also get a free mango lassi:

My sister and I now have a system down at Chutney.  I order a naan ($1) for myself:

And she gets a side of rice ($2.99) with raita (yogurt) ($1):

Then we split an order of bengan bharta ($6.99):

And an order of, yes, brain masala ($9.99):

If you're an eggplant fanatic like me, you'll love bengan bharta.  It's like baba ghanoush, but infinitely better.  It's smoky and flavorful and amazing with naan.  It's now my favorite Indian dish.

The brain masala is less chunky and more creamy than the one you'll get at Shalimar.  I actually prefer Chutney's even though I'll admit it's less fun when you can't lift up pieces of wrinkly brain matter and moan "braaaaaaaains..."

And while I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Shalimar, I think you get more for your money at Chutney.

3352 Mowry Ave
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 796-6666


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