South Bay: SnoZen

Shaved snow ice seems to be a new trend in the Bay.  And by "new trend" what I really mean that it's been cropping up enough that I finally took notice.  (I tend to be pretty obtuse with trends and consequently always seem to be the last to find out about anything.)

I originally wanted to take my parents to Amor, but a quick Yelp search revealed that there was another option close by.  My sister and I decided to go to SnoZen instead to try some place new:

The interior was legitimately tiny with just two counters and a couple tables.  While I have no issue with the size of the place, the decor had an unfinished feel, as if things were only temporarily in place until more permanent decorations arrived.

We taste tested two limited edition snow ice flavors, jasmine milk tea and Vietnamese coffee.  Neither really wowed us.  The coffee was okay, but the jasmine tea was pretty much flavorless.

We ultimately decided on the summer sunset (we got it large, which cost $5.95) off the preset combo menu.  It was mango snow topped with condensed milk, mango, and strawberries:

The mango was much, much better than the jasmine tea and the Vietnamese coffee.  The mango flavor was definitely there and the texture was nice and smooth.  And of course condensed milk makes everything magical.

Overall, we weren't that impressed with SnoZen.  If I ever have a craving for snow ice, I would go to Amor instead, which is only a couple blocks away.

231 E Santa Clara St
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 320-1969


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