South Bay: Amor Cafe & Tea

When the pearl tea shop by my house closed for good, we scrambled to find a substitute go-to pearl tea joint.  It was very difficult.  None of the closer places were that good and frankly, we weren't willing to travel very far just to get our pearl tea fix.

Then one day, my sister came home with some pearl tea.  The tea was good (none of that sugary milk crap).  The pearls were Q.  The cup was fat.  I had to know where she got it from.

So she took T and me to Amor Cafe & Tea in downtown San Jose:

The interior was pretty standard:

Besides tea, Amor Cafe also offered snow ice.  Unlike regular shaved ice, which gets watery and dilutes the sweetness, snow ice is creamy and smooth and in my opinion, much more delicious.  Amor offered various flavors like strawberry. mango, green tea, white peach, honeydew, and taro.

We ordered the Thaiger snow, which was Thai milk tea snow ice ($5.99) with pearls and mochi.  We substituted out the chocolate drizzle for condensed milk:

Not exactly cheap, but I was very pleased with it.  The Thai tea flavor was strong and switching to condensed milk was genius on our part.

We ate the snow ice there and then bought some pearl tea to-go:

We got the lychee black tea, peach black tea, white peach black tea, coconut milk tea, and regular milk tea.  We tried to ask what the difference was between the peach and the white peach, but the guy behind the counter (who sported some strange cat ears) couldn't really explain it.  According to him, the white peach is slightly sweeter than the normal peach.  Though when we tried the two, they tasted about the same to us.

My favorite is the regular milk tea.  The tea flavor is good and there's just enough sweetness.  At $3.49 a cup, it's not bad.

While I'm not really fond of going downtown (parking is a b*tch), I'll endure it just to get milk tea at Amor.  The next time I go, I want to try the Tiger (half Thai half milk tea).  Or maybe the red guava black tea. many to choose from...

Amor Cafe & Tea
110 E San Fernando St
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 286-2000


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