South Bay: Aqui Cal-Mex

When Nilala survived her Step 2 exam for medical school, we had to take her out to celebrate.  Her only request was margaritas and her wish was our command.

My sister had just been to Aqui Cal-Mex with her friends and recommended it as the best place for margaritas:

The parking lot was in the back, so we entered through the back entrance.

At Aqui, you place your order at the counter, get a pager, and then find your own table.  When the pager buzzes, you go collect your order at the counter.

The restaurant was big and clean and definitely more Cal than Mex:

My sister and Nilala both ordered a margarita swirl ($8 each):

The sangria swirl (on the left) was made with sangria and Aqui's "Industrial Strength Margarita" while the paradise Patron swirl (on the right) was made with Patron Citronge, passion and orange juice, and of course, the "Industrial Strength Margarita".

Now, I'm not a drinker, so I can't tell you whether the margarita really is industrial strength or not, but according to my sister, it really packs a punch in the sneakiest of ways.  Apparently they taste really good and before you now it, you've had two or three and you're tipsy bordering on downright drunk.  I'm just gonna take her word for it.

None of the food really appealed to us, but drinking without eating anything would be, well, irresponsible, so we ordered an Aqui sampler ($6.59), which came with avocado dip, hummus, and black bean dip: about we all just avoid the food at Aqui and stick with the drinks?  The black bean tasted like it came out of a can, the hummus was just weird, and the avocado...actually, the avocado dip was fine.  It's hard to mess up avocados.

Final verdict?  Get some Taco Bell before you hit up Aqui.  It's great for post-meal drinks, but don't count on it for the meal itself.

Congratulations again to my dear friend, Nilala, who not only survived Step 2, but also passed with flying colors!

1145 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 995-0381


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