Los Angeles: Four Leaf

We were so dissatisfied with our pearl tea experience at Ozone that immediately afterward, we rounded the corner and headed to Four Leaf for round two:

The interior was long and narrow and only fit a handful of tables at the front:

While we were waiting for our drinks, we amused ourselves by watching the huge screen mounted on the wall, which displayed Tweets and Instagram posts related to Four Leaf in real time.  I was curious to see if there would be any negative reviews (I mean, are they able to screen them first?), but our drinks were done before I could find out.

We ordered one fruits tea ($4.25) and one regular milk tea with pearls ($4):

Because we checked in on Yelp, we got 10% off the total.  Woot!

I preferred the fruits tea with all the little fruit pieces floating at the top.  I did not enjoy the pearl tea at all.  The pearls were good, but the tea?  The tea tasted like...black sesame.  What the heck?  My sister liked it, but I couldn't stand it.

Blech.  Two for two fails.  Our LA pearl tea experience was not off to a good start.

Four Leaf
318 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(877) 797-4532


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