South Bay: Bay Leaf

The girls and I made a trip down to SoCal over Fourth of July weekend.  To plan for that trip, we met up for dinner at Bay Leaf:

The restaurant was pretty quiet, perfect for serious trip planning:

Except that we got sidetracked once the food arrived and didn't end up planning much at all.

We got the kang kung terasi, which was water spinach sauteed with spicy shrimp paste and garlic ($8.95):

And the mie tek tek goreng ($8.95):

Oh, the mie tek tek.  The egg noodles were cooked with this amazing peanut sauce along with shredded chicken, egg, and vegetables and then topped with shrimp chips.  So freakin' good.  It also came with this little fried drumstick on the side.

The gulai kambing or curry lamb ($10.95) was slow cooked with coconut milk and various spices:

And finally, the pepes ikan ($11.95):

When you open the banana leaf packet, you find this glorious marinated fish grilled to perfection:

Slightly spicy, but oh so flavorful.

Everything at Bay Leaf was spot on and brought us all back to Indonesia.  The noodles were my favorite, with the water spinach and the fish battling for a close second.

There wasn't much service going on, but with food like that, who needs service?  Just leave us alone to enjoy our meal.

After dinner, we went back to CL's place to "continue" the trip planning.  We managed to pick out what restaurants we wanted to hit up while in SoCal because I somehow found myself playing Cards Against Humanity with three slightly tipsy chicks.

So much for being productive.

Bay Leaf
122 S Sunnyvale Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086


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