Tri-City: BK Bistro

After work one day, my parents took me to BK Bistro:

Apparently my parents make it a habit to check out all sorts of restaurants while I'm slaving away at work.  Only when they have a craving for a particular restaurant do they deign to take me along.

Thanks, mom and dad.

Anyway, according to my parents, BK Bistro is quite popular at lunchtime, but the dinner crowd is a bit sparse:

BK Bistro serves dim sum all day.  You get a paper menu and mark down what you want.  We skipped the dim sum and went for the dishes.

I requested the fried fish filet:

I think each piece of fish was about $1.  That's ridiculous.  No matter how deliciously fried they are.

I swear, my parents are obsessed with pan fried noodles:

I prefer chow fun myself:

My parents wanted me to try two things.  These little daikon pastries were one:

They looked like flaky little cocoons and were filled with daikon:

The other was this sweet cake layered with salted duck egg yolk custard:

I really enjoyed the daikon pastries.  The cake, not so much.  Salted duck egg yolk is so not my think.  Something about that powdery texture just puts me off.  It's pretty though.

Not bad, BK Bistro.  I would be interested in coming back to try your dim sum.

Now if only my parents would remember to take me to more places...

BK Bistro
3113 Stevenson Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 770-8818


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