San Francisco: Good Luck Dim Sum

Looking for a quick dim sum fix?  Head on over to Good Luck Dim Sum:

There was a little line when T and I arrived:

Which quickly grew to a big line after we ordered.

If you know what you want, good for you.  For indecisive people like us, grab a paper menu and a pen and circle away:

We may have gone a little overboard with the ordering:

We got taro puffs, turnip cakes, shrimp dumplings, pork siu mai, and chive dumplings.

As if that wasn't enough, we also got a sweet rice with chicken wrapped in lotus leaves:

Don't expect attentive service at Good Luck Dim Sum, but the dim sum is decent (when fresh) as are the prices.  Make sure to bring cash!

Most of the dim sum options come in sets of three.  AF was originally going to come with us, but she ditched us last minute.  Because of that, T and I ended up with what was supposed to be AF's portion left over: one siu mai, one shrimp dumpling, one turnip cake, one chive dumpling, one taro puff, and a fat lot of rice and chicken.

T and I crammed what we could into our stomachs, but ultimately had to give up.

Learn from our mistake and drag your third friend kicking and screaming if you have to.

Good Luck Dim Sum
736 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 386-3388


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