San Francisco: Pollo Campero

My coworkers talked so much about Pollo Campero and how good it is that I forced T to schedule it in:

According to my sources (aka my coworker), Pollo Campero is a Central American fried chicken chain that started in Guatemala.  You know it's legit when they have a bouncer outside.

Then again, it is the Mission.

Anyway, the bouncer kindly let us through the door (which looked more like a side door than the front door) and we found ourselves in a long hallway at the back of an equally long line:

The wait wasn't bad at all.  Before we knew it, we were inside...and the only Asians in the sight:

Apparently we had complimentary chips and salsa:

I don't remember them because what came next completely occupied my very limited attention span.

The family meal came with tortillas and dinner rolls:

And a choice of two sides.  Our server recommended the mashed potatoes:

The way he waxed poetic about it, we thought it was going to be out of this world amazing.  Instead it reminded me of KFC mashed potatoes.  Not bad, but rather meh.

For our second side, we went with the sweet plantains:

Definitely a step up from the mashed potatoes.

What stole the show, however, was the fried chicken:

OMYGAWD THE FRIED CHICKEN.  We ordered eight pieces for the three of us.  I was tricked into eating an extra piece, but it hurt so good.

Out of curiosity, we tried an empanada:

There were three to choose from.  We decided on the spicy chicken, which consisted of chicken, green tomatillo salsa, Monterrey jack cheese, and cilantro:

Forget everything else.  Get the chicken.  GET IT FRIED.  You won't regret it.  Even when you eat so much that you're going to die.

Trust me.  It's a good way to go.

Pollo Campero
2740 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 401-8226


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