Malaysia: Rotiboy

We couldn't go to Kuala Lumpur without seeing the Petronas Twin Towers.  CK and I did some window shopping in the Suria shopping center (as if we could afford anything there).  

On our way out to the light rail station, we noticed a long line at Rotiboy:

Finally, something we could afford.

CK was super excited because Rotiboy was all the rage in Korea a while back.  We both thought Rotiboy originated in Korea (the roti buns I had in the Bay were from a Korean dessert shop), but apparently it started in Malaysia.

Here's the famous Rotiboy bun:

The long line ensured that every bun came fresh from the oven.  People bought them by the half dozen.  CK and I shared one.

The topping is coffee flavored and butter filling gives it a slight saltiness:

Kinda crispy on the outside, warm and soft inside.  Plus it smells so damn heavenly.

Damn.  Now I want one.

In other news, hooray for Obama!  Looks like I won't have to move out of the country after all.

Lot C69-C70, Suria KLCC Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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