Malaysia: Hong Kee

After walking around Kuala Lumpur all day, CK and I were too tired to plan out dinner.  Instead, we just walked around Jalan Petaling until we settled on Hong Kee:

The row of clay pots on FIRE sealed the deal for us.

Hong Kee offered a set meal for two.  That was easy enough.  First came the seafood and veggies roasted in tinfoil:

The stingray was probably the best thing in there.  (Yes, stingray!)  I was too lazy to tackle the shrimp.

I was more interested in the main dish, the claypot chicken rice:

I was pleasantly surprised by how fragrant and savory it was.  But, damn, way too much rice for two people.  We had so much leftover that I felt bad for not taking it to-go.

Our set meal also came with a forgettable soup:

And sauteed veggies:

We were a little skeptical of Hong Kee at first since the tables were mostly filled by foreigners.  But for once the abundance of foreigners wasn't a sign of bad food.

Sorry for doubting you, Hong Kee.


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