Cambodia: Koulen II Restaurant


Okay.  That was it.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Vhet took pity on us and let us check into the hotel for a nice, long afternoon nap after lunch.  Our hotel, the Angkor Miracle, was seriously legit.  So fancy that Vhet told us he couldn't wait for us inside the lobby whenever he comes to pick us up.  


True to his word, Vhet was sitting outside when our afternoon meeting time rolled around.  

He spent the next few hours pointing out all the best photo spots in Bayon Temple.  We fought the mass of tourists and tried to catch the sunset at Phnom Bakheng but gave up due to the cloudy skies.  Instead, we hightailed it off the mountain and beat to crowds to Koulen II Restaurant for dinner:

Again a buffet, but much fancier this time:

You gotta love it when Asian buffets carry pizza:

For all the foreigners, of course.

There were stations where chefs cooked your order fresh, but what really interested me was the dessert table:

Tables.  Plural:

Here's what I grabbed on my first round:

Don't really remember anything standing out, but it's a tour buffet.  What do you expect?

Again, drinks had to come out of pocket.  I think this was some kind of lemon tea:

And this was orange juice:

Here's my dessert round:

I really need to stop picking things because they look pretty.  They hardly ever taste good.  Case in point: the jellies.  Yuck.

Dinner also came with a show:

Once again, Vhet declined our invitation to dine with us, even after we made it clear that we wanted to treat him to a meal.  We didn't like the idea of him just waiting around for us, so we finished dinner, watched a good chunk of the show, paid our drink bill, and then peaced out of there.

Koulen II Restaurant
No 50, Street Sivatha, Mondul II
Svaydangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia
063 964 324



  2. That's a lie, but I appreciate it all the same. ;)

  3. Congratulations on passing the Bar! Awesome! :-)


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