Cambodia: Tonle Mekong Restaurant

On our first day in Siem Reap, we mentioned to Vhet that we would be interested in checking out a local market for souvenirs.  Vhet made it happen for us the next day by cramming the morning full of temples and clearing the afternoon for a long nap back at the hotel and a market run.

Vhet pointed out a meeting point before setting us loose in the market.  After getting lost in the market, haggling for souvenirs, pretending to walk away, and scoring banana chips, Vhet took us to dinner guessed it, a buffet:

Tonle Mekong Restaurant was bigger than Koulen II, but not quite as classy.

Not that we cared.  We headed straight to the food stations:

And battled through the swarm of people:

Here's what I had to show for it:

Unsurprisingly, nothing spectacular.  Just decent buffet food...which isn't saying much, I know.

Drinks came out of pocket, as usual.  I got myself a lemon soda:

The good thing about mediocre buffet food that's included in your tour package is that you don't get the urge to overstuff yourself to get your money's worth.  Before I knew it, I was ready for dessert:

The best thing at Tonle Mekong was the kanom krok or grilled coconut pancakes (pictured at the bottom).  They were especially delicious if you waited around for a fresh batch.  Which we did.  Shamelessly.

Dinner again came with a show:

The quality of the performances wasn't as great as those at Koulen (confirmed by Vhet later), but the show still had its highlights

Because many of the dances were a repeat of what we saw at Koulen the night before, CK and I peaced out early to avoid the traffic jam.

Sorry for the long dearth of new posts.  My sister was visiting for Thanksgiving and we spent all our time shopping, eating, Just Dance-ing, and hanging out in our pajamas.  Now that she's back at school, I promise that I'll get back on track.


Tonle Mekong Restaurant
No. 110, Street No. 6, Phum Grous
S/K Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia
063 965 052


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