Chicago: The Purple Pig (Revisited)

Despite being disgustingly full after the Rosebud burger, we still decided to stop by Purple Pig for dessert. Honestly, I don't know what we were thinking. Maybe we just weren't:

The four of us split 2 desserts. First was the bread pudding with marsala and citrus:

It sounded a lot better on paper. How can one go wrong with caramel sauce? Sadly, none of us were really impressed.

The Sicilian iris, on the other hand, was delicious:

It's basically a fried brioche stuffed with ricotta and chocolate chips:

So decadent and so good. But worth $6? I don't know about that.

As always, I ended eating way more than I should have. So much for my 2011 New Year's resolution of portion control...

The Purple Pig
500 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 464-1744


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