Chicago: Piece (Revisited)

It's been a long while I posted anything, but that's because I've been behaving myself and have been eating in instead of spending money eating out. Today my friend threatened to take action if I didn't post something soon, so because I'm afraid of her (and because I know she's not one to make idle threats), I dug out the pictures I took a couple weeks ago at our mutual friend's birthday dinner at Piece.

It was a feat in itself to score a reservation for 20, but somehow they got it done. We'd all heard the horror stories about how people have had to wait 3 hours without a reservation. Thank goodness that wasn't us.

The last time I went to Piece, I saw that mashed potatoes was listed as a choice of topping. When I mentioned it to my friends who were with me, both gave me the weirdest looks. I vowed to myself then that if I ever returned, I would insist on getting mashed potatoes.

That night at my friend's birthday dinner...victory was mine!:

I refused to take no for an answer and I stood my ground. And you know what? It ended up being the best tasting pizza on that table. Booyeah!

Besides the dollops of mashed potatoes, there was garlic, roasted red peppers, and bacon on our masterpiece:

This just goes to show that potatoes taste good with everything.

Don't be afraid to experiment with food! Sometimes the weirdest combinations will yield the tastiest results.

1927 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 772-4422


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